I am a writer of  Sapphic and LGBT erotica with an emphasis on compelling storylines and characters. My stories are usually set in historical periods  and places in which these characters must struggle with their sexuality and sexual identity (not everything about the "Good Old Days" was so good). These stories are more about the characters'  journeys rather than their destinations and how LGBT people survived (or didn't) during times when such behavior was considered outside the law and even a form of mental illness.

I am also an artist  who creates soft-core images and graphic stories  that for a change do not feature graphic images of torture, bondage, domination and forcing sex on some poor girl with breasts larger than nature ever imagined, of genres generally favored by males who continue to struggle with the concept of upright, bipedal locomotion - but rather, tender looks and caresses, soft kisses, roses and candlelight and pleasuring between consenting adults.

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© MMXII by Jeanne D'eau.                                                    Book 1: 1929-1939

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